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Jen Matis combined her CPVp with the Great National Parks Relay, a virtual relay where the challenge was to run as far as possible within an hour. Jen managed 4.45 miles and met a friendly deer along the way.

Goofer Virtual Victory.rar

A few CPVpers were preparing for the virtual Marine Corps Marathon later in October. Malik Al-Jame joined David Lai on an 18-mile social justice tour of Washington DC murals. (Then, of course, Malik was back on the Paint Branch Trail for his weekly 5k with nephew Isaiah.)

Our fastest runners this week were Robin Phillips (M) who ran a 19:11 in Bristol, UK, and Carly Maas (F) who ran 23:19 on the Paint Branch Trail and was pleased with running her fastest 5K time in a while. [Uh oh, sorry bro -- a late arriving result nabbed the top slot.] And our virtual tailwalkers this week were Lisa & James Wilson. Lisa broke her father James out from his assisted living facility because it was such a pretty day. James deserves a special (virtual) high five, because it was his fifth CPVp 5K. Impressive for 102 years old. We think this makes him the oldest person in the world to complete 5 parkruns. (Unfortunately, they're virtual, but we're not going to be picky.)

It was great to see Vicki Stevens and Richard DeAngelis back on the PB Trail on a Saturday morning. Both were regular CP parkrunners in the Before Times. We hope they can continue to join us (semi-)virtually.

And Lisa Shiota was a first time virtual volunteer, also monitoring results as they rolled in on Saturday. Lisa was feeling under the weather, so she handled this role adeptly from her couch while recovering. Thanks for your help, Lisa!

A few of our parkrunners this week also completed virtual marathons. Brian Murphy and Luther Lemon both ran the virtual Boston Marathon. These two 3-hour marathoners should have been lining up with 30-40,000 others, with hundreds of thousands cheering them along the route of one of the oldest and most famous marathons in the world. Both ran impressive solo efforts in under 3:30.

We welcomed six newcomers this week: Jeff Bowser, Nitish Joshi, Nico Aguilera Kelley, Deborah Gayle, Daniele Forno, and Magdalena Duhagon! Deborah was taking part in a non-virtual race and celebrated her fastest 5K in years. Daniele Forno is the latest addition to our pool of CPVpers in Civitavecchia, Italy. And we were thrilled to see Magdalena back running on the Paint Branch Trail on a Saturday.

A big Thank You, as always, to our team of virtual volunteers. The regular weekly crew of Colin Phillips, Andrea Zukowski, Tara Mease, Anna Tinnemore, and Hannah Russell were joined this week by Katie Hirsche and Meridith Phillips.

6 more virtual parkrunners completed their 10th CPVp this week, earning their turtle badges: barkrunner Roo, Jason Yarwood, Joanne Smith, Lisa Shiota, Matt Kaplan, and Gail Sockwell-Thompson. Congrats to all!

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