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Section 8: Prejudice Torrent Download - Rob Gamers

How the world has changed since Josephine and I were their age! Moreparticularly that choicest section of it which we were taught to thinkand speak of as the land of the free and the home of the brave. As Ilook back now in philosophic mood, simplicity seems to me to have beenthe keynote of our day. Not merely had the gladsome flannel costumeand the Indian pajamas not yet begun to force an issue with theoratorical black broadcloth coat and the up-and-down white nightgown.There were no shingle stains to speak of but those of time andeternity, and he who owned a vehicle of any kind must needs be carefulthat it was of sombre hue and homely pattern. Among the fixed truthswhich we imbibed with the maternal milk, and from the prejudice ofwhich I never expect to be wholly free, were these: That though theblatant blast of the Western politician offend the sensitive ear ofculture by exaggeration, it is still true that we are the greatestnation under the sun by virtue of our total disregard of everythingwhich other nations have held fast to; that the American woman is anewly created species; that George Washington never told a lie; thatthough France was on our side in our struggle for Independence, forwhich we should ever be profoundly grateful, the custom of handing overyoung people to be married at parental dictate, coupled with certainhoarse suspicions of an unmentionable character, must be an everlastingbarrier between us and the Gaul; that, nevertheless, if a man will havehis fling, he may do so in Paris once without being held to strictaccount for it, provided that he comes home and lives a respectablelife ever after on this side the water; that Russia's ill-treatment ofthe serf and general barbaric conditions are to be overlooked onaccount of the friendliness she displayed toward us in our hour ofneed, barbarism being on the whole a less crucial blemish than theabove-mentioned peculiarities of our other ally; and that everyoneshould hitch his wagon to a star.

Section 8: Prejudice Torrent Download - Rob Gamers

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