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(2011) New Matura Solutions Pre Intermediate Testy Odpowiedzi

After maturation, human monocytes are released from bone marrow into the circulation as classical monocytes. Currently, strong evidence supports the concept that intermediate and non-classical monocytes emerge sequentially from the pool of classical monocytes (13). This is supported by transcriptome analysis showing that CD16+ monocytes have a more mature phenotype (14). In humans, 85% of the circulating monocyte pool are classical monocytes, whereas the remaining 15% consist of intermediate and non-classical monocytes (13). Classical monocytes have a circulating lifespan of approximately one day before they either migrate into tissues, die, or turn into intermediate and subsequently non-classical monocytes (6, 13).

(2011) new matura solutions pre intermediate testy odpowiedzi





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