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Khutba Allahabad 1930 In Urdu Pd

Khutba Allahabad 1930 In Urdu Pdf

The Khutba Allahabad 1930, also known as the Allahabad Address, was a landmark speech delivered by the eminent poet and scholar Sir Muhammad Iqbal at the 21st annual session of the All-India Muslim League on December 29, 1930. In this speech, Iqbal presented his vision of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India, based on the principle of Islamic solidarity and the recognition of their distinct cultural and political identity. He also criticized the idea of territorial nationalism and secularism, and advocated for a federal system that would grant autonomy to the Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern India.

The Khutba Allahabad 1930 is widely regarded as one of the most influential speeches in the history of Pakistan, as it laid the foundation for the Two-Nation Theory and the demand for Pakistan. It also reflected Iqbal's deep understanding of the Islamic philosophy and the challenges faced by the Muslims in the modern world. The speech was delivered in English, but it was later translated into Urdu and other languages by various scholars and writers.


If you are interested in reading the Khutba Allahabad 1930 in Urdu, you can find a PDF version of it [here]. You can also watch a video of the speech with Urdu subtitles [here]. For more information about the speech and its historical context, you can visit [this Wikipedia page].




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