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Warstone OST, Artbook And Comics Full Crack

Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics Full Crack

Warstone TD is a tower defense game with a rich story and a fantasy setting. It was developed by Battlecruiser Games and released on Steam in 2018. The game features a variety of units, spells, upgrades, and enemies to challenge the players in different scenarios. The game also has a co-op mode, a PvP mode, and a level editor for creating custom maps.

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If you are a fan of Warstone TD, you might be interested in the Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics DLC, which adds more content and background information to the game. This DLC includes:

  • The original soundtrack of Warstone TD, composed by Dmitry Trots. It contains 14 tracks with a total duration of 35 minutes. The music is inspired by the medieval and fantasy themes of the game and creates an immersive atmosphere for the players.

  • An artbook with 30 pages of concept art, sketches, models, and screenshots from the development of Warstone TD. The artbook also reveals some secrets and interesting facts about the game, such as the origin of the warstones, the design of the units, and the cut content.

  • A collection of comics in Warstone style, featuring humorous and witty dialogues between the characters of the game. The comics also include some old ones that were made before the release of Warstone TD.

The Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics DLC is a great addition for anyone who wants to learn more about the world and the lore of Warstone TD. It also provides some entertainment and relaxation for the fans of the game.

However, if you want to get this DLC for free, you might be looking for a full crack version of it. A crack is a program that modifies or bypasses the security features of a software to allow unauthorized use or distribution. Cracking software is illegal and unethical, as it violates the intellectual property rights of the developers and publishers. It also exposes your computer to malware and viruses that can harm your system or steal your personal information.

Therefore, we do not recommend or support cracking Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics DLC or any other software. If you want to enjoy this DLC, you should buy it from Steam or other authorized platforms. By doing so, you will support the developers of Warstone TD and encourage them to create more quality games in the future. You will also get access to updates, bug fixes, and online features that are not available in cracked versions.

Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics DLC is worth every penny for its content and value. It is currently available on Steam for $4.99, which is a reasonable price for such a DLC. You can also buy it as part of the Mithril Box bundle, which includes Warstone TD and another game called Guards for $23.06 with a 30% discount.

So what are you waiting for? Buy Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics DLC today and enjoy the full experience of Warstone TD!




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