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Where To Buy Cheap Universal Studios Singapore Tickets

For a quick comparison of all the different ticket websites, check out the table below in Singapore Dollar. I chose the same date for each nonresident ticket so that you could get an accurate idea of which are the cheapest websites to buy your tickets from.

where to buy cheap universal studios singapore tickets

Universal Studios Singapore is known to have huuuge lines at the entrance and tickets are limited per day. By buying your ticket online in advance, you are not only guaranteeing entry, but you will also save time waiting in line, plus you will also save money since prices online are cheaper than at the box office.

As I mentioned earlier, buying your tickets online in advance is the best thing to do if you want to save both money and time.Buying online you have the ability to find the cheapest days to visit according to their dynamic pricing!

You can purchase all ticket types through the official website but spoiler alert, there is a cheaper place to buy tickets online (I did all the research for you and you get the best deals just below).

The best way to get cheap tickets to Universal Studios Singapore is to book them through the ticket reseller, Klook. Buying through Klook will save you S$13 per ticket which can really add up, especially if you are traveling with the whole family!

I have purchased USS tickets from their official website as well as Qoo10. If you want 100% assurance, you should buy it from the RWS website. There are many on-going promotions, like recently, there is a one-for-one offer for Adventure Cove and I snagged 2 adult tickets for $36, which was cheaper than buying 2 child tickets for my kids! They will email you e-tickets and you don't have to print them out (but grab a screenshot in case).

You can get good rates at sea wheel travels in people park centre 101 upper cross street. Google for them and email them. They will send you the price list. I brought uss for 62 sgd as compared to 74 sgd online. Most attractions tickets are cheaper with sea wheels.

For those of you who are Costco members, universal studios hollywood tickets have offers for 3-Day General Admission, and Gold Annual Passes at discounted rates on their website! Check out their website for more details.

The best Universal studios Hollywood discount tickets at Costco is typically in the winter time. So make sure to look out for some great deals as you are strolling the aisles and snacking on the samples.

We suggest booking online in advance, however, to avoid unnecessary queues and to take advantage of online promotions. The last thing you want to do is buy a ticket in person only to find out later that the same ticket was much cheaper online elsewhere.

Probably the best strategy to find cheap tickets to Universal Studios is to refer to the official website and all other affiliate sites before confirming your tickets. Occasionally, you might find that a third-party affiliate has a special promotion going on that can save you and your travel companions some cash.

The cheapest time to go to Universal is in September or January. Since Universal uses surge ticket pricing where busier days cost more, these are also the slowest times of the year to visit Universal. Most weekdays in September are priced at the lowest pricing tier, more than any other month. There are also several days in January priced at this lowest tier. Pick a weekday between Labor Day and October first to get the best deals on tickets.

*Ticket prices listed are standard ticket prices before taxes and other fees. We made note of discounts and multiple-day tickets where we could. We will be updating this list as the year goes on to reflect any ticket price increases as well as listing more theme parks.

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Nonetheless, this is not to scare you away from buying your USS ticket via Carousell. As much as there are sly scammers, there are also genuine sellers who are truly selling their USS tickets cheaply. Exercise due personal discretion and you should be fine! 041b061a72




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